Our Story

As moms of girls, we were starting to talk about puberty a lot! And we noticed that every mom we spoke to had her own horror story of their own - they were either ill informed, ill prepared or both!

Some recalled thinking they were dying because no one had warned them; most remembered the brands of products their moms used and ALL admitted that they were simply handed a bulky pad from their moms's bathroom that just didn't fit.

We wanted better for our girls!

We wanted them to feel confident about puberty - comfortable asking questions, served by their products and positive about their changing bodies.

As it turns out, open and honest information was the easy part. When it came to products designed for them, we realized that most feminine care companies were treating tweens and teens as an afterthought when it came to their needs during this crucial stage.

At Girl Factor, Girls come first! Our products are designed to fit their bodies and their lifestyles. We normalize puberty and provide girls with necessities that feel more like accessories. Cause we know that Unstoppable girls grow up to be UNSTOPPABLE young women. 

Jackie & Jennifer